Real Breyer Horses: Fox Valley Oliver

August 12, 2009

The stunning Shire stallion Fox Valley Oliver has quickly become a favorite among both Shire and Breyer lovers alike. This 13 year old stallion is making waves where ever he goes, both in the real and in the model horse world.

Fox Valley Oliver is 18 hands high, or about 6 foot tall at the shoulder, making him a very large horse. He’s stark black in color with three socks. He is an exceptional example of the shire breed. His gentile features make him a fan favorite. He excels in halter and driving competitions as well as in the sport of combined driving. In addition to earning several reserve championships in the United States and Canada, he was named Senior Champion Stallion at the Ohio State Fair in 2003.

His foals are also excelling in the show ring as well garnering dozens of championships and reserve championships in some of the biggest shows in the United States and Canada. His many champion offspring include the Best American Bred Stallion at the Ohio State Fair in 2002 and 2003 and the Senior Champion Stallion at the McLeod County Fair in 2004. The ability to not only be an exceptional stallion himself, but to also produce winning foals is making him one of the upcoming Shire Stallions in America.

Breyer’s Fox Valley Oliver is happily offered by Golden Oak Stables and is the first regular run on the Wintersong mold. The Wintersong mold was originally released in porcelain as the Othello model in a much smaller size, approximately classic size. In 2007 Breyer offered the Christmas horse on this mold and was released as Wintersong. In the spring of 2008 Fox Valley Oliver was put into production as the first regular Run of this big and beautiful draft horse.


He has quickly become a favorite by collectors with his friendly appearance, dynamic position, and large fanciful mane and tail. He makes an excellent Shire and can show quite well. Due to his large feathering on his leg he is limited to be shown as only a few breeds, as very few draft breeds have such large amounts of feathering on the legs, but he is still very competitive in the show ring.

Already a favorite, Fox Valley Oliver is sure to be popular and beloved for years to come. This beautiful Shire stallion is the pinnacle of the Shire breed.


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