Breyer Horse Collecting: Display Options

August 10, 2009

Whether you have 5 or 500 models you’re going to have to make choices about how to best display your collection to keep your models in nice collection along with keeping them displayed in a way where you can enjoy them!

There are many options to choose from when it comes to displaying. If you are lucky enough like I am to have built in shelves anywhere in your home this is the very best choice. A built-in provides some of the best protection for your horses as well has providing beauty. Built in shelves are great because there is little to no chance of the shelf falling over. In addition to that they also don’t stick out from walls and take up less space in your living area.


Traditional bookshelves also can work well. Bookshelves need to be tested to make sure that they can hold weight as well as not being wobbly. Any signs of wobbling will be a sign that the shelf probably won’t hold up to even a small amount of wear and tear. The good thing about bookshelves is that they can hold a large number of horses safely if the shelf is secure.

Wall shelving is similar to bookshelves, they are a good option as long as they are installed properly and can provide years of display for your models. Wall shelving should be kept similar to bookshelves and its a good idea to place models that do not fall over easily on either end of the shelf.

Sticky wax is a powerful tool that should be used on models that are tippy when displayed especially on wall shelving or book shelves. Dental Wax, or Sticky Wax can be found in most stores and comes in handy in all kinds of occasions. For this occasion putting a small amount of wax on the horse’s hooves that touch the ground before placing the model on the shelf will help keep your model on the shelf rather than on the floor.



Last but certainly not least is a curio or china cabinet. These are ideal for your more valuable models or fragile models. A good china cabinet is invaluable when it comes to fragile models. It is still a good idea to put sticky wax on your models hooves even if in a china cabinet. The cabinet will provide years of protection for your models and also keep them dust free. They are ideal for displaying your models.


Whichever you choose to do, taking care of your models and displaying them in a way that makes you happy is the most important thing. As long as you can enjoy your models, that is all that matters!


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