Real Life Breyer Horses: Sergeant the Mule

August 5, 2009

The sturdy mule is not only a popular mount but its also a very understood one. Mules are surefooted, eager to please, strong and provide joy to thousands of riders all over the world!

Breyer has released a new mule as of July this year which was suggested by a Breyer collector. Golden Oak Stables is proud to offer Sergeant the mule, who is a beautiful grey mule that was chosen by collectors choice! Surely a popular guy. He represents the mule species to a great extent and is sure to become a favorite! He is featured in a beautiful dapple grey with a realistic healthy sheen which makes him stand out in a crowd.

Mules are the result of breeding a male donkey and a female horse. Because horses and donkeys are different species, all mules are sterile and therefore cannot reproduce, except for a small percentage of female mules. Mules vary in size depending on the parents, anywhere from the size of a miniature horse, called a mini mule, to a draft horse, called a draft mule. They normally weigh around 1000lbs but it all depends on the sire and dam.

Mules are famous for their performance, they are strong and confident workers that are eager to please. Mules typically have a short thick head, long ears, thinner limbs, sturdy but small hooves, and a small short mane. Mules typically look like a donkey with a shorter coat and thinner limbs. Their teeth are also more similar to horses. Mules also do not sound like a horse or a donkey, they often “whimper” instead of neighing or braying. Another huge positive to having a mule is their intelligence. They are much more intelligent than their parent species and are also very curious but cautious by nature. They are so intelligent that they have been known to refuse to put their riders in situations that may cause harm!

The Breyer mule is a popular and fairly new addition to the Breyer family. Released as Brown Sunshine in 1998, the mule has taken place as a popular mold that is not only a collector’s favorite but also a formidable opponent in the show ring. Brown Sunshine is a great halter horse, but can only be shown as a mule. He’s a constant winner in both live and photo showing. He also makes a great performance horse that can compete in any events that a real mule might, which leaves plenty of doors open to creativity.

Choosing a new Breyer is easier than choosing a new real horse, but considering the mule is something that everyone should do! Who wouldn’t want a horse that’s eager to please, and beautiful as well!

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