Breyer Horse Showing: Introduction to Photo Showing

August 3, 2009

As you may have heard me mention last week in the Introduction to Live Showing, there are two types of showing, live showing and photo showing, today we’ll focus on the basics of photo showing. Photo showing has gained back its popularity in the past few years and is making a smash again today. In the 1980’s and 1990’s photo showing was quite popular but with the economy making travel a little bit more difficult in the past few years, photo showing is back with a fury!

A miniature horse Halter Entry

Photo Showing is focused around photography of your model and creating realistic, yet clean scenes that showcase your model to be the most realistic and correct horse for its breed. For performance its all about creating the most realistic scene, in some cases its nearly impossible to tell if the horse is real or fake!


A rancher catching his calf


Dressage Entry, Cantering a circle at C

In recent years photo showing has changed into the digital age, it was once dependent on the postal service. You would take photos with your 35mm camera, develop the photos and mail them into the show holder. Today with digital cameras so redialy available, there are lots of photo shows that you can simply email your photos to the show holder! What could be simpler than that? But don’t think that these are any less competitive than the live show circuit!

It is also a very inexpensive thing to do, there are many free shows to enter, most of these do not have prizes though. If there is a fee it is normally very low (Under $10) and the awards will be recycled in most cases. Be sure to check out who you are sending your show fees though. Try to only deal with reputable hobbiests.

Two of the biggest photo showing associations are, and, Another good place to look is Model Horse Central, and this year Model Horse Blab has started holding large scale photo shows and even Youtube has been a popular place to find photo shows!

One of the only things you will need to have to start photo showing is a backdrop. Breyer created a photo showing set a few years ago that included a great backdrop along with some other great props to start you out. These are still available through Golden Oak Stables with both a Thoroughbred and a Quarter Horse. Setting up either a realistic backdrop or a very simple one is the best. Just make sure you photos are clear and that the horse can clearly been seen and you’ll be on your way!


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