How To: Transporting Breyer Model Horses

Transporting models

At one time or another you are going to want to bring your models somewhere, whether it is over a friend’s house, moving or going to a model horse show. If not done properly, traveling with your models can cause huge amounts of damage to them, but done properly you can take your models virtually anywhere!

Original Finish Breyers are fairly durable compared to customized horses. Original finish Breyers can handle heat and humidity a bit easier than custom models. The most important thing to remember when packing either is that you should never have two horses touching without something in-between them.

You’ll first need a container to pack your models in. The best item to use is an 18 gallon Rubbermaid tote with a top. An 18 gallon container will hold around 15 traditional size Breyer horses. These can be found in the home section of most stores. Its important to get the  brand because they will go through a large amount of wear and tear and other generic brands will not hold up to such wear and tear, I speak from experience, I’ve broken more than one tote the day before a show and had to try to tape my container together.

Models will need to be wrapped individually before being placed in the container. The best thing to use is what are called Pony Pouches. These are created by using a fleece type material and sewing them into appropriately sized pouches. If there isn’t a seamstress in your family you can always use an old tee shirt to wrap your model in, or bubble wrap. Wrap your model so that it is entirely covered. Fragile parts of your horse such as ears and thin tails can be wrapped in toilet paper to help prevent an injury.

Once all of your models are wrapped up you can begin placing them in the container. Start with the largest models first and put them standing up in the container. Once the first “Layer” of horses is down, start placing your models in on their sides on top of the layer of larger models on the bottom. Work from the largest horses on bottom to the smaller horses on top until all your models are in. Leave some room at the top so that you don’t smash and models and so that they have plenty of room to move around in the container.

Custom models are just a little bit different for packing. You’ll want to make sure that if you are using bubble wrap that the model is wrapped with the bubbles facing out, if the bubbles are facing inward, they can stick to your model. If you are using a form of cloth, you’ll want to make sure that it isn’t a fabric that will leave “fuzzies”. Old tee shirts work best, stay away from fleeces and other fabrics that may leave residue. Its also important when traveling to avoid leaving your container in the heat or in direct sunlight. This can cause the paint to loosen up and ruin the finish.

By following these simple steps you can bring your models anywhere and then bring them back to your stable at home with little to no damage. Model horse shows and other events are great activities and now that you know how to pack your models, you should feel confident to bring your models out of their home paddocks!

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