Breyer Horses Tips: Breyerfest First Timers!

Breyerfest Tips for First Timers

I’ve had the privilege of attending 13 Breyerfests. I grew up in Cincinnati Ohio, which is a quick 90 minute ride down I-75 to Lexington, KY. The first year I went in 1994 it was much smaller than today’s Breyerfest, and it was needless to say a very overwhelming experience for a 9 year old, with her baby brother and two parents that knew nothing of the world of Breyer. This was also before the internet, when we didn’t have the ability to simply go to Google and type in the word “Breyerfest”, so purely on a one paragraph description I had the luck of attending what would be one of many trips to Lexington in the late weeks of July.

In the years to come I learned more and more about Breyerfest, the ins and outs, the places to go, the things to see, how to dress, what to bring, and I think its important to share this with others so that they might not be as overwhelmed as I was at my first Breyerfest, and so that they can have the most fun possible! So here’s my lists of tips for Breyerfest 2009!

·    Wear comfortable shoes. This is the SINGLE most important thing to do. I also advise bringing a change of shoes and a change of socks to leave in your car. Kentucky is VERY hot in the summer and is also prone to random rain storms, and the Kentucky Horse Park often has minor flooding problems. You will be much happier with a pair of dry shoes and socks than a pair of wet ones.
·    Don’t pick up your celebration model on Friday morning. Breyer has never run out of celebration models, and standing in line Friday morning will take up more time than its worth, there is plenty of time all weekend to grab them, and normally there is little to no line.
·    Make time to see the Kentucky Horse Park museum. I went to Breyerfest 7 or so times before I finally took the time to see the museum. The museum is absolutely fantastic, especially for a horse lover. There are beautiful pieces from racing history along with pieces from the entire history of the horse. Make time to see it! Plus its air conditioned!
·    Don’t miss your Special Run Ticket time. With your three day ticket you will get a ticket that entitles you to purchase two special runs at a certain time, be in the back of the indoor arena 15 minutes prior to your time.
·    If you didn’t get all of the Special Runs that you wanted from the Breyer store, get in line for the Breyer store at 9am on Sunday, Sunday morning they put all the unsold Special Run horses up for sale without a ticket! So you can have another chance.
·    Go visit Cigar, he’s one of the top earning race horses of our lifetime! He’s at the park in the Hall of Champions, along with all kinds of other famous beautiful horses, they are definitely worth your time.
·    Leave your pets at the hotel or at home. The park does allow you to bring Fido, but he’ll be much happier in air conditioning. Its very stressful to bring your animals and its very hot,  and humidity is very high in Kentucky during the summer.
·    You can also pack a cooler and bring your own lunch and drinks to the park. Its a good idea to keep it in your car. The park only sells typical “Faire” type foods, so packing a lunch is not only healthier but also saves you pennies for more ponies!
·    Read the Breyerfest program. Its got all the info and times for the weekend.
·    If you are in Lexington on Thursday head over to the Holiday Inn North around 5pm. The Artisans Gallery opens and features tons of talented equine artists. Breyer also holds a reception with light fare. They also have a table in the Artisans gallery where you can pick up a Breyerfest program early, to plan out your weekend and you can also see new unreleased products and special runs!
·    Visit the Holiday Inn North for room sales. Starting early in the week, sometimes as early as Tuesday night, people will open their hotel rooms and sell their models out of them. Just roam the halls, any hotel rooms with the door open is open for business, be sure to bring cash, most people will only deal in cash for individual sales.
·    Take a horseback ride of the park. The Kentucky Horse Park offers hourly trail rides over sections of the park that aren’t normally open to the public, including the Rolex 3- Day Cross Country course! You can sign up for the ride at the Kentucky Horse Park main gate. They sell out quick,  so you want to sign up first thing in the morning.
·    Take some time to watch the performances in the main arena. The main arena is where Breyerfest is. Take some time to sit down in the seats and enjoy the show! There will be demonstrations going on all day, all weekend long.

Hope to see you at Breyerfest 2009!


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  1. iluvpoas says:

    I’ll see ya there! I’ve never been there before so me and my mom are excited that we will be going there! Plus we don’t have to worry about the boys my baby brother and my dad!!!

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