Breyer Horses “How to” Workshops scheduled for August 29, 2009

Golden Oak Stables is proud to announce our first Workshop Day! Our workshops are handss-on, for each workshop entered you will not only get to participate along with the instructor but also take home your project. All materials are provided for each workshop. Workshops are open to all ages but parental consent is required. Cutting, gluing and other techniques will be used and while effort will be used to create workshops that are friendly for all ages. parental judgement should be used. The workshop day will begin promptly  at 10am and lunch will be provided. There will be a short break around noontime. Workshop topics are:

Prop Making – Participants will learn hoe to make, paint and complete a set of Speed Poles out f wood tht can be used in a variety of performance classes or play. The cost of this workshop is $10 and participants will take home a set of traditional size speed poles.

Tack Making – Participants will learn how to assemble and complete a stable halter for their models. Please bring a traditional size model from your collection to use a model for your halter. The cost of this workshop is $10 and participants will bring home a traditional stable halter.

Etching – Participants will learn how to customize their horses using the technique of etching. Etching uses a obby craft blade to etch individual hairs into the model. Please note: this workshop uses a sharp hobby blade and care needs to be taken, for this reason the workshop is recommended for ages 13 and up. The cost of the workshop is $25 (Traditional Horse Included to etch) and participants will being home a custom etched traditional size Breyer Horse.

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